Neo​-​Pagan Lovesong

from by Judson Claiborne



How lost I will be in your offerings
When death does appear in the pulpit singing:
“Please come home my lost one. To me, come home to me”

So, are you paranoid?
No, I’m not paranoid.
All’s I hear is noise, noise, noise!

I thought I caught a glimpse of you alone in your trailer
Perhaps you saw me?

I love every inch of you, your neo-pagan love song

We could disagree with monogamy
Let sex be revealed in this homestead
Willing to grow dark, wild, and free

Young, long black haired boy,
Don’t abandon joy when all you hear is noise, noise, noise!

I burned on the fence with you
I fought in defense of you, brought your assailant’s hand upon me
Oh, kind soul with grips removed
She left me with this song


from We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys, released July 23, 2013



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