We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys

by Judson Claiborne

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released July 23, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Criminal Makeup
I’ll leave it up to the bees
Bloody knuckles and the knees
though somebody may sue you

I know what’s good, I put it in my body
I grew up in these woods, I don’t expect no one to know
Believe me, you won’t regret this night

I’d bring it up with the leaves
And cherry blossoms on the trees
Don’t let the logic consume you

Do it as you should, without any money
And keep knocking on wood, even though nobody’s home
Weep, drink, and will your sprit to rise

Now I’m growing tall as the weeds
Golden showers, trucker speed
You’ll bury me with pneumonia

I ain’t no prude, just ask anybody
I’ve been walking ‘round nude
I got piss all over my clothes
at least we can keep each other in line

Do you hear the sound of the geese with helicopters underneath?
Animals led me to you…

Are you in control of the undertow?
Do you play the role of someone who’s supposed to know?
Release me, don’t resurrect this night..

Salty, swollen
Thunder stolen
Hunted, Whorin’
Cock is crowin’
One thousand red eyes glowin’
Mama’s Moanin’
I got a raw deal, an’ was hopin’
You’d do me this solid..

Wait until the chorus
He sings - “Lick the devils burning wings, tongues untethered to love”
I have been pursued by a church of goons
I paid ‘em for their food
Paid no attention to my wounds

Police beat a criminal suite
Track Name: Neo-Pagan Lovesong
How lost I will be in your offerings
When death does appear in the pulpit singing:
“Please come home my lost one. To me, come home to me”

So, are you paranoid?
No, I’m not paranoid.
All’s I hear is noise, noise, noise!

I thought I caught a glimpse of you alone in your trailer
Perhaps you saw me?

I love every inch of you, your neo-pagan love song

We could disagree with monogamy
Let sex be revealed in this homestead
Willing to grow dark, wild, and free

Young, long black haired boy,
Don’t abandon joy when all you hear is noise, noise, noise!

I burned on the fence with you
I fought in defense of you, brought your assailant’s hand upon me
Oh, kind soul with grips removed
She left me with this song
Track Name: Doors
Bury your breath
In the spatter of the earth

Return to love
Return when we
Have not doors
You need not keys

Where’s the point of trust in our wanderlust?
I have a bellyache
Where’s your body been lately?
How I long to touch your female form a’blush
You hid the stems away
Left your flowers to haunt me

However you want to say that, I want you to
But why would you want to say that if it wasn’t true?

Carry your weight
See the shadows of your work fall down freights

Pull the rug from under me
I’ve time to learn
I’ve time to grieve

How laborious
Is hanging on a grudge
I have a bellyache
I dug my hand in my cake
It didn’t offer much
So we fell out of touch
After the second wake, I drew a map of my boundaries

However you want to say that, I want you to
But why would you want to say that if it wasn’t true?
Track Name: Doula
Did Mary Doyle Leave for Haiti?
Maybe that mama needs some safety, sooner

Wrapped in plastic, beeswax chap stick

It’s a greasy world
Watch with a lion’s gaze
Be useful and d’well
If you could

Did the feigning summer see its painting get bluer?
¬¬A distant siren sings this same thing, but rings truer

Karmic cruel transgendered mystic
We dreamt of school, slept through our relationship

It’s a greasy world
Stalk with a lion’s gait
Be truthful and d’well
If you could
Track Name: Seeing Eye Ponies
I’m drunk on American dreams, high on Canadian drugs
I fed my hunger this morning with LSD on my tongue
Hot head persimmon got night sweats
Swept me back under the rug
When Hell is as wide as an armpit
Be grateful whenever there’s love

Seeing eye ponies will suffer the human
Revealed in windshields, our lack of devotion

I was a nail in your coffin
No stained glass mahogany floors
More like a buzzing in your beard
You shaved out right down to the pore
Ease up from trouble so obvious
Turn down your troubling song
Bring back Ananda the communist
Bring back the people I know

Seeing eye ponies will suffer the human
Revealed in windshields, our spiritual window shopping
Track Name: Old Buddha
Hey, are you talking about Old Buddha?
Old Buddha is no Buddha
Real Buddha is a fish
just netted, leaping and jumping

- Unknown (16th Century)
Track Name: Walter
This morning
On this bedroom floor
Be witness
To a cat named Walter
Give himself completely to a dead leaf
That was ushered in
By Novembers wind
From the top of a concrete stair
He’ll merge with the leaf
In ecstasy
Burning like a star