Time and Temperature

by Judson Claiborne

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released April 11, 2010


all rights reserved



Judson Claiborne

Christopher Salveter adopted the ancestral songwriting moniker of Judson Claiborne in his mid twenties following the breakup of his band, Low Skies. Beaconed by Chicago’s art-rock bands and labels of the 1990s, Salveter moved to the city of wind from Missouri in the year 2000. ... more

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Track Name: Twilight Spirit
It was a night like tonight, in the cold desert
I was awoken by two men
they showed me a light from the north rim
creatures of the canyon on two legs

When the twilight spirit comes around
I’ll be somewhere near it
with my head to the ground

I want to treat you right
but honey, I can’t tell you
what laws I’ve broken, what cosmic err
when the dog scared me white
dragging the dead gazelle
my heart went under a violent spell
Track Name: Song for Dreaming (Good Ol' Wobbly Version)
Come and take me to
and push me through
the bright windows of your mind
or down to the well, where Judson fell
and ate his fingers to survive

Baby, you can tell the song so well
to a stranger, you don’t mind
where they’re from or what they’ve done
or when there’s anger in their eyes

I have coconut and candy
but I won’t let you walk on by
until you choose
a direction, choose
I’m a stranger to your kind

When you’re standing on the crossroad
“How will I get on?” you’ll wonder
and tell yourself – “I’m getting older”
but when you’re ego’s gone
you’ll understand the miner’s song
and wander from yourself
become a lover
just a lover
To Ellegua – I’m your marionette
To La Luna – A song for Dreaming
Track Name: Oh Cyril
Ride around with Cyril
and you’ll see things you’d never believe
You can build a fire in my backyard
from phonebooks, cardboard, and leaves

Oh, Cyril!
You’ve got to heave it on the highroad
You ought to take me to the hospital

Ride around with Cyril
and you’ll se things you’d never believe
You can raise a child out the back of a car
and learn every songbook you sing

Oh, Cyril!
You’re just a stranger in a poncho
Give all these people a safe place to go

Whenever I dream of sand, I get a mouthful
Thank you brother for lending a hand
your soul and your laughter

Oh, Cyril!
I had a dream you were a vulture
You told me anything was possible

Because I’ve seen it!
I’ve been it!
I breathed it!
You better believe it!
Get the job done!
Don’t leave it!
Put your uniform and red boots on
For healing and dealing
If you’re ready and willing
To encounter the grieving
What a beautiful Arizonian feeling!

Oh, Cyril!
I heard you whistling through the pine grove
It made me think of someplace tropical

Oh, Cyril!
I think I hear their sirens
and we ain’t waiting for the cops to come
Track Name: The Freeze Up
Calling to you on the shortwave:
Are you there?
I am ready for monsoons
keep it steady, hold it there

Bow to the one who meets your eyes
no hidden love underneath
I’m a fan of the slow rise
and soon
you’ll put a whole new price on the freeze-up

distortion runs smooth on this ocean
free of shame
I took the potion from a spoon
I sang four songs
to a house be cleared
Track Name: My How We Change!
My, how we change!
and not anything around us stays the same
It’s so hard to rearrange
at a thousand miles an hour, full of pain

My, how we change!
and we’ll never see how far or close we came
to the stars or to the drain
to the radiating powers of costumed graves

Call now and win!
Crawl down the limb!

These are the laws in your mind that you don’t write
Your memory stalls, it calls out for you
Wandering fogs on the island at midnight
The search party’s all looking out for you, slug
Track Name: I Am Learning Pantomime
I’m just waiting for the lightning bugs to appear
and to waltz on the pavement by the pale green barn over there

Here are some dregs from the basin
and the thief in the room
I am learning pantomime

I’ve been waking to the mockingbirds on the sill
It sounds like they’re mocking every car alarm on the hill

Don’t press out the sweetness
just swing on the rope
until the pond trills prophetic signs

It’s all bread to be tasted
without fear of the words
or the long gap while the tape rewinds
Track Name: Tomorrow in the Morning (Blues for Malachi)
Ol’ heresy gave birth to me
by flapping flags
‘neath the overpass

Come somber swan of death!
Come rabid hounds of night!
Come sweet perfume and salve!
Come slumber I was denied!

Sharee, Sharee
Ghost Rider dream
made clear my path
in a caustic bath

Manana, pa la manana (tomorrow, in the morning)
Llena la casa de flores (fill your house with flowers)
De seguro, te visita (for sure, she will visit you)
La virgen de los delores (the virgin of the sufferings)
Track Name: One Hundred More Than One Hundred Times
Have I told you the story of my girlfriend, Renee?
It was back in college when I was sick and very thin
How she was so healthy in every way
I wanted all of her energy, even the sunbeams

All the steeples and the seagulls
and the sounds of Paris were not a symphony
She sang the only song for me
Did I speak her language or something?
What did she see in me?
She made her own photography

When her skin came open, it was like yellow corn
I was scared and queasy feeling
The stuff beneath was more appealing
and I stayed in exile, in the loveliest dream
Found a tree that looked good to me
I laid her there for eternity
Track Name: Moonraker
Moonraker, can I take your pulse?
will you show mw the beauty of being alone?
Sundraper, I won’t make it home before you come
but my house is open to you

I’m bare new wood
I’m young and spry
My love comes from a vacant space in the morning sky

artmaker, imaginary farmer
chase all your demons to the clothespin arbor
at our last dinner on the cemetery coil
you said, It’s hard being human when your blood’s aboil

I’m bare new wood
I’m young and spry
I broke the drum and cracked the bell on the moonlit side

I’m bare new wood
I’m young and spry
I’m dark as plums and pale as shells beneath the rolling tide

loves labors are flames outside the walls
I build to grow so I can give you more

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